Trying Sea Moss Gel -

Trying Sea Moss Gel -

So far I have tried 3 types of sea moss gel.

  • Gold sea moss
  • Mango sea moss
  • Soursop sea moss

In terms of TASTE the mango hands down is AMAZING compared to the other two.  Now that's not to say the other two are bad, and mind you, I did not use the gold sea moss in a smoothie, which is really the main reason people buy the gold sea moss.  I do plan on trying the gold sea moss gel in a smoothie.

In terms of benefits, I have been the most consistent again with the MANGO because the tastes makes it easy to almost addicting.  Which is interesting, because there is only natural sugars from the mango plus a touch of agave in this product.

After taking the sea moss gel now for just a few days the main benefits I have noticed are around my energy levels.  So far, I feel an increase in energy level.  

I also feel like a "detox effect" may have kicked in this morning, when it comes to the bathroom.  Nothing intense.  I just feel lighter.  It feels positive.

Now this is not to say you will see the same benefits, but many people do report similar types of benefits from taking sea moss.  Everyone is different.  It can take time as well.  But what IS interesting is that I am seeing these benefits within just a few days of taking the sea moss.  

Also note that sea moss contains iodine plus other trace minerals.  Some of these are not easy to get in the standard american diet.  But, be sure to speak to your doctor before taking sea moss, just to make sure there is no issue with adding iodine to your diet.  



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